Programme of the XXth AVH Symposium on March 28th 2013.

In 20 years, what has changed in the sugar sector?


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8: 45 – Opening of Symposium

Session I: Evolution of the sugar sector policies: restructuring, sustainability and environment

Chairman: Philippe REISER, CEDUS, Paris, France 

9:00: – Evolution of the structure of the sugar sector (size of companies, cooperatives …) Oscar Ruiz de Imana, CEFS, Brussels, Belgium

9:20 – Innovation for sustainability in cane sugar industry: Sugar-Ethanol in Brazil, Henrique Amorim, Fermentec, Piracicaba, Brazil

9:50 – Impact of Climate Policy on Biomass Carbon Capture and Storage Investment, Audrey Laude, Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne, France

10: 10 – Break, Posters and Exhibitors

Session II : Evolution of sugar crops

Chairman: Dr. Jan Maarten de BRUIJN, Südzucker, Obringheim, Germany

11:00 –Progress in beet cultivation on the agricultural and industrial levels during the last 20 years, Marc Richard-Molard, ITB,  Paris,  France

11:30 – Evolution of  sugar cane varieties breeding to improve  transformation of biomass in energy,  Régis Goebel, Bruno Bachelier et Jean-Louis Chopart, CIRAD, Montpellier, France

12:00 – Break, Posters and Exhibitors

13:00 – Lunch

Session III : Technological innovation and the regulations constraint

Chairman: Dr. Martin BRUHNS, Pfeifer & Langen, Köln, Germany

15:00 – In 40 years, what has changed in the W European cane sugar sector?  Luis Bento, Porto, Portugal

15:30 – Evolution of sugar process control: Integrated Advanced Automation, Philippe Fuchs, Putsch, Germany

15:50 – Evolution of technical aids used in evaporator cleaning: Intelligent Fouling Monitoring and Prediction, Jean-Michel Chauwin, Buckmann, Belgique

16:10- Panel Discussion: [Discussion by representants of Syndicate, producers, supplier s…]: New constraints faced by the sugar industry (regulation, safety, environment).

17:00 – Conclusion

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