8th International Conference on WATER IN FOOD. In Timisoara, Romania.


Book of Abstracts-EFW2014


Polytechnic University of Timişoara, Romania
Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “King Mihai I of Romania” – Timişoara, Romania
May 25- 27, 2014

Organised by:

  • University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “King Mihai I of Romania” – Timişoara

  • Polytechnic University of Timişoara

  • University of Hohenheim, Germany


1st Day – Monday, 26th of May, 2014

9:00–9:20 Opening of the conference

Prof. Corneliu-Mircea DAVIDESCU (Polytechnic University of Timişoara, Romania)

Prof. Paul PÂRŞAN (Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “King Mihai I of Romania” – Timişoara, Romania)

Session I: Water properties and interactions with biological molecules

Chaired by: Prof. Mohamed MATHLOUTHI (University of Champagne-Ardenne, France)

9:20–10:00 PL1: The five mechanisms of water-solid interactions: measurement and case studies. Lisa J. MAUER, Matthew ALLAN, Seda ARIOGLU, Belinda CHRISTINA, Na LI, Krystin MARRS

10:00–10:20 OC1: Relation between moisture transfer, water wettability and structure of gelatin based films treated or not by electron beam. Nasreddine BENBETTAÏEB, Thomas KARBOWIAK, Salwa BORNAZ, Andrée VOILLEY, Frédéric DEBEAUFORT

10:20–10:40 OC2: Hydration and apparent voluminosity of casein micelle suspensions. Stefan NOEBEL, Joerg HINRICHS

11:30–11:50 OC3: Calcium and ascorbic acid affect cellular structure and water mobility in apple tissue during osmotic dehydration in sucrose solutions. Maria A. MAURO, Nicolò DELLAROSA, Urszula TYLEWICZ, Silvia TAPPIA, Luca LAGHI, Pietro ROCCULI, Marco DALLA ROSA

11:50–12:10 OC4: The impact of amylases on water and biopolymer dynamics during storage of straight- dough wheat bread. G.M. BOSMANS, B. LAGRAIN, E. FIERENS, J.A. DELCOUR

12:10–12:30 OC5: Relative importance of moisture migration and amylopectin retrogradation to pound cake crumb firming. A. LUYTS, E. WILDERJANS, I. VAN HAESENDONCK, K. BRIJS, C.M. COURTIN, J.A. DELCOUR

Session I: Water properties and interactions with biological molecules

Chaired by: Assoc. Prof. Daniel HĂDĂRUGĂ (Polytechnic University of Timişoara, Romania)

14:30–15:10 PL2: Water structure and interactions in food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Mohamed MATHLOUTHI

15:10–15:30 OC6: The effects of composition and water plasticization on fluidness properties of dairy powders. Runjing LI, Mark FENELON, Yrjö H. ROOS, Song MIAO

15:30–15:50 OC7: Water vapor sorption and new insights in hydrophilic – hydrophobic interaction. Jürgen ADOLPHS

16:40–17:00 OC8: A comparison of analytical techniques used to determine the deliquescence point of crystalline ingredients. Matthew ALLAN, Lisa J. MAUER

17:00–17:20 OC9: Kinetics of swelling process and release mechanisms of coriander sativum l essential oil from chitosan/alginate/inulin microcapsules in water. Cristian DIMA, Livia PATRASCU, Alina CANTARAGIU, Petru ALEXE, Ştefan DIMA

17:20–17:40 OC10: Influence of the grist / brewing water ratio on the technological potential of some special rye malt mashes for the brewing industry. Mariana-Liliana PĂCALĂ, Lidia FAVIER, Yassine KADMI, Diana STEGĂRUŞ, Otto KETNEY, Ovidiu TIŢA

2nd Day – Tuesday, 27th of May, 2014

Session III: Water content and water activity of food

Chaired by: Prof. Lisa MAUER (Purdue University, USA)

9:00–9:40 PL3: The problem of water content determination in products containing lactose. Heinz-Dieter ISENGARD, Georg MERKH

9:40–10:00 OC11: A new method to establish robust sorption isotherms. Vincent MEUNIER, M. DUPAS-LANGLET, L. FORNY, S. SAMAIN, M.I. GIARDIELLO

10:00–10:20 OC12: Effect of water activity and system mobility on pectinesterase activity in solution. Giampiero SACCHETTI, Lilia NERI, Carla D. DI MATTIA, Dino MASTROCOLA, Paola PITTIA

Session III: Water content and water activity of food

Chaired by: Prof. Heinz-Dieter ISENGARD (University of Hohenheim, Germany)

11:30–11:50 OC13: Microwave resonance measurement of grain. Udo SCHLEMM, Hendrik RICHTER, Rainer HERRMANN

11:50–12:10 OC14: Study of water features in coffee beans by using dynamic dewpoint and dielectric methods. Pietro ROCCULI, Eleonora IACCHERI, Chiara CEVOLI, Annachiara BERARDINELLI, Luigi RAGNI, Santina ROMANI

12:10–12:30 OC15: Rapid td-nmr (time-domain nuclear magnetic resonance) method for the simultaneous determination of fat and moisture in predominantly dry foodstuffs. Steven P. HAILEY, Devin DARRELL, Colin L. SIMPSON

14:30–14:50 OC16: Flavonoid and flavonoid-fatty acid bioconjugate / cyclodextrin complexes: a karl fischer water titration approach. Daniel I. HĂDĂRUGĂ, Nicoleta G. HĂDĂRUGĂ, Heinz- Dieter ISENGARD

14:50–15:10 OC17: Analysis of water concentration of thermally degraded palm oil by pre-frozen potatoes and chicken nuggets by karl fischer titration. Dan-Ștefan CLONDA, Adrian RIVIŞ, Nicoleta G. HĂDĂRUGĂ

15:10–15:30 OC18: Karl fischer water titration parameters of rye and wheat flour mixtures. Corina I. COSTESCU, Teodor TRAŞCĂ, Ioan DAVID, Nicoleta G. HĂDĂRUGĂ

15:30–16:00 Concluding remarks & closing of the conference


Session I: Water properties and interactions with biological molecules

P1: Water status and mobility affect the in vitro antioxidant activity of model food systems containing bioactive compounds. Carla D. DI MATTIA, Lilia NERI, Dino MASTROCOLA, Giampiero SACCHETTI

P2: Relation between moisture sorption and mechanical properties of starch-oil laminate films. Ewelina BASIAK, Frédéric DEBEAUFORT, Andrzej LENART, Andrée VOILLEY

P3: Potato fibre influence on water status and staling of bread. Eleonora CARINI, Elena CURTI, Agoura DIANTOM, Elena VITTADINI

P4: Different behavior of water in fruit fillings prepared with the addition of inulin, pectin and gellan gum. Janna CROPOTOVA, Urszula TYLEWICZ, Nicolò DELLAROSA, Santina ROMANI & Marco DALLA ROSA

P5: Water contribution to the structuration of starch matrices in the presence of flavour. Silawan SOMBOONCHAN, Samuel LUBBERS, Gaëlle ROUDAUT

P6: Physicochemical characterisation of carvacrol-β-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes. Adriano Antunes de Souza ARAÚJO, Paula dos Passos MENEZES, Mairim Russo SERAFINI, Lucindo José QUINTANS-JÚNIOR, Bruno Vasconcelos de SANTANA, Polliana Barbosa Pereira dos SANTOS, Francilene Amaral da SILVA, Gabriel Francisco da SILVA

P7: Silybin, rutin and their fatty acid bioconjugate/cyclodextrin complexes as potential hepatoprotective agents. a karl fisher water titration approach. Daniel I. HĂDĂRUGĂ, Noemi SANTA, Cătălina CHERA, Lenuţa Maria ŞUTA, Gerlinde RUSU, Nicoleta G. HĂDĂRUGĂ, Heinz-Dieter ISENGARD

P8: Influence of flavonoid glycoside naringin and hesperidin fatty acid bioconjugation on the water content of their cyclodextrin complexes. Daniel I. HĂDĂRUGĂ, Emilia TĂMĂŞOIU, Angelica BOGDAN, Geza N. BANDUR, Nicoleta G. HĂDĂRUGĂ, Heinz-Dieter ISENGARD

P9: Adsorption behavior of bulgur. E. AYKIN, M. ERBAS, S. ARSLAN, A.N. DURAK

P10: Superheating steam cooking to enhance flavours of potatoes. Emilie DESCOURS, Jean-Marie DELAITRE, Fréderic DEBEAUFORT, Andrée VOILLEY, Anne-Marie SEUVRE

P11: Effect of water and gluten on physico-chemical properties and stability of ready to eat shelf-stable pasta. Agoura DIANTOM, Eleonora CARINI, Elena CURTI, Fabrizio CASSOTTA, Alessandro D’ALESSANDRO, Elena VITTADINI

Session II: Water and food stability and safety

P12: Evaluation of the effect of two antioxidants formulations on chemical, physical and microbiological properties of a kiwi jam during twenty weeks of storage. Célia PIMENTA, Manuela VAZ VELHO, Luís PATARATA, Rita PINHEIRO

P13: Study of the effect of ph on colour of flavoured solutions of spirulina spp. and chlorella vulgaris. A. Catarina CORREIA, Pilar MORAIS, M. Helena GOMES, Carla BARBOSA, Manuela VAZ VELHO

P14: The antimicrobial mechanism of electrolyzed oxidizing water and its role in the food industry. an overview. Ana-Maria CIUCIU, Camelia VIZIREANU, Petru ALEXE, Maricica STOICA

P15: Phthalates contaminants in bottled water. Luiza GĂINĂ, Castelia CRISTEA, Emese GAL, Luminita SILAGHI- DUMITRESCU

P16: Carp miofibrilar protein concentrate dry by using spray dryer technology and elemental mapping of microstructures by scanning electron microscopy. Floricel CERCEL, Mariana STROIU, Petru ALEXE

P17: Investigation of water quality for food processing: monitoring of the nitrosamines content by ultra high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. A.    KADMI, L. FAVIER, A.I. SIMION, M.L. PĂCALĂ, C. GRIGORAS, D. WOLBERT

P18: The influence of the storage microclimate on the freshness of the apples, detected the electronic nose. Mirela CALU, Petru ALEXE

P19: Water quality used in the technological process of obtaining beer. Ana Maria DODOCIOIU, Mirela CALUTU, M. DODOCIOIU, Daniela CIUPEANU, Carmen VLADULESCU

Session III: Water content and water activity of food

P20: Common-ion effects on deliquescence lowering of crystalline ingredient blends. Matthew ALLAN, Lisa J. MAUER

P21: Measuring water vapor permeation for food package materials using crds. Byung Il CHOI, Sang Bong WOO, Jong Chul KIM, Sang-Wook LEE

P22: Investigation of water features of biscuit during storage through the using a rapid dynamic dewpoint method. Santina ROMANI, Pietro ROCCULI, Silvia TAPPI, Marco DALLA ROSA

P23: Influence of different drying methods on the physicochemical properties of pumpkin. Liliana SEREMET (CECLU), Elisabeta BOTEZ, Oana-Viorela NISTOR, Doina Georgeta ANDRONOIU, Gabriel–Dănuţ MOCANU

P24: The influence of phospholipases on the water content of various bread types. Laura CORPAŞ, Paul PÎRŞAN, Ioan DAVID, Nicoleta G. HĂDĂRUGĂ, Heinz- Dieter ISENGARD

P25: A study regarding preservation period of a dietetic meat product. Cristian TUDOSE, Livia PATRASCU, Petru ALEXE

P26: Water content of triterpenoid saponins and their fatty acid bioconjugate/cyclodextrin complexes. Corina VASILESCU, Nicoleta G. HĂDĂRUGĂ, Gerlinde RUSU, Daniel I. HĂDĂRUGĂ



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