Program of the XXIIIrd Symposium AVH to be held, on April, 7th 2016.

Program of the XXIIIrd Symposium AVH to be held, on April, 7th 2016


8 : 45 – Opening of Symposium
Session I : History and evolution of consumption of sugar specialties

President: Philippe REISER, CEDUS, Paris, France

9:00: – History of the consumption of sweet products, Eric BIRLOUEZ, Agronomist and Sociologist, Paris

9:30–Overview on sugar consumption, Philippe REISER, CEDUS, Paris, France

9 :50 – Sugar specialties in India, G.S.C. RAO, S.P. TRIPATHI and A.K. SRIVASTA, Global Cane Sugar, New Delhi, India

10: 10 – Coffee Break, Posters and Exhibitors 


Session II : Analytical aspects and Processing

President: Dr. Jan Maarten de BRUIJN, Südzucker, Obringheim, Germany

11:00 – Authenticity of Sugar & Speciality Sugars – Determination of Plant Source & Geographical Origin, A.G. Degenhardt, Pfeifer & Langen, Elsdorf, Germany

11:30 Modernization of equipment and evolution of sugar consumption in West Africa, Philippe BAUSIER, SOMDIAA, Paris 12:00 – Posters and Exhibitors

13:00 – Lunch


Session III: Technological Aspects
President: Dr. Martin BRUHNS, retired, Kleinmachnow, Germany

15:00 – Discrimination of colorants by use of membranes and chromatography for a production de of sugar specialties by transfer of colorants in crystallization, François Rousset, Novasep, St Maurice de Beynost, France

15:30 – Drying of sugar specialties, Frédéric PRON, Comessa, Strasbourg, France

16:00 –Water activity and the stability of sugar specialties, Mohamed MATHLOUTHI, Association AVH, Reims, France

16:30 High performance adsorbents (HPA), eco-friendly technology for color removal in sugar, E. M. Sarir, B. R. Pabon, F. A. Kolling, C. A. Donado, Carbo Solutions International, USA

17 : 00 – Conclusion

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