Program of the XXIVth Symposium AVH to be held, on March, 30th 2017

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Biotechnology processes and the diversification of sugar utilization

8: 45 – Opening of Symposium 

Session I: Innovative and environment friendly processes
    President: Philippe REISER, CEDUS, Paris, France 

9:00: - Exploiting sugar platform in the production of substitute petrochemicals, 
Arvind Chudasama, Informa, London, UK. 

9:30 – Sustainable and environment friendly fuels from agro-resources, 
Marc Delcourt, Global Bioenergies, Evry, France

9:50 – Integrated Green Biorefinery in Bazancourt - Pomacle, 
J.M. Chauvet, Fondation Jacques de Bohan, Institut de la Bioraffinerie, Pomacle, France

10: 10 – Coffee Break, Posters and Exhibitors 

Session II: Enzymatic and Chemical derivatives of sucrose
    President: Dr. Jan Maarten de BRUIJN, Südzucker, Obringheim, Germany 

11:00 -Biotechnological routes to diversification of sugar derivatives, Prof. Bo Jiang, 
Jiangnian University, Wuxi, China

11:30 Sucrochemistry, Achievements and Perspectives, Riaz Khan, Sonning, UK 

12:00 - Posters and Exhibitors 

13:00 – Lunch

Session III: Small Scale Biorefineries and Analytical Aspects 
    President: Dr. Martin BRUHNS, retired, Kleinmachnow, Germany

15:00 – Small scale biorefinery for sugar and ethanol production in the Netherlands, 
Marieke Bruins and Johan Sanders, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands

15:30 - GPI Bio Sugar and the Small Scale Organic Sugar production, Gianluigi Marchetti, 
Bionext Ltd, Green Power Industries Ltd, Italy

16:00 – Promising bioethanol processes for developing a biorefinery in the Moroccan sugar industry, 
Anouar Kamzoun, University of Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco

16:30 –Analytical tools for sugar and bioethanol factories, Vincent Marchand, Anton Paar, France 

17:00 - Concluding remarks

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